BLOG: Ensuring a good spot to shoot Sarah McLachlan during Canadian Music Week at the Royal York Hotel

Canadian Music Week has arrived for another year at the host hotel in Toronto – The Royal York. The week usually brings a few interesting music personalities and photo ops. When I was told months ago Sarah McLachlan was going to be honored at a CMW related awards gala, and give a short performance, the opening Thursday got circled on my calender real quick.

I love Sarah’s music and think she’s easily one of Canada’s great talents of the last generation. So the chance to shoot her was an opportunity I wasn’t going to miss – especially with being accredited and having some good publicist friends at CMW (as opposed to when major artists are usually out on tour, freelance photogs like myself sometimes stand a better chance getting hit by lightening than being accredited at venues like the Air Canada Centre.)

So I wasn’t going to miss my shot with Sarah. I had already learned, her performance would be short (2-3 songs max) and would lead off the Canadian Music & Broadcast Industry Awards Gala – so staking claim to a good photo position would be key. Photographers were already warned they would have to shoot from far back in the room – as to not block the tables situated close the stage. Since I already had my mind set on having to get as-close-as-possible to Ms. McLachlan’s performance, let’s just say when the lights went down and thanks to an understanding Gil Moore (yeah, the Triumph drummer) I managed to secure a most coveted shooting position. [all photos Richard Budman]