Mindbender Supreme reviews beautiful soul ladies Aretha Franklin and Sade on Manifesto.ca

A special week in late June when two of the most distinctive voices in soul history made separate, but equally important appearances in Toronto. Ms. Aretha Franklin and Sade made rare concert stops in the city. Online music news site Manifesto.ca asked to use photos I shot at the shows. Was thrilled to see my shots end up in beautifully penned reviews (coincidentally, by a friend) – Mindbender Supreme.

On Aretha Franklin’s show kicking off the 2011 Toronto Jazz Festival;
“It was truly something reminiscent of the arrival of royalty: it was like the musicians had to lay a bed of sonic rose petals, orchids and chrysanthemums down before the Queen would even set foot down in the court of the crowd and concert. Honestly, for any other artist, it would have been a tedious display of pretentiousness. But on this occasion, it actually felt proper.” – SEE MORE.

On the magical Sade show at Air Canada Centre;
“Sade. Ooh, let me say it again, just because it’s so sensual: SADE. Her name alone is nothing short of holy in many music lovers’ hearts. She eternally floats in the pantheon of immortal soul vocalists, artists that create above and beyond the confines of time, space, and the plastic parameters of the music industry.” – SEE MORE.

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