PHOTOS: Parliament-Funkadelic legend Bootsy Collins brings the funk to the Toronto Jazz Festival

Funk was in the house on Saturday night at the Toronto Jazz Festival. The bass legend that is Bootsy Collins made a long awaited concert stop in the city. Bootsy rose to prominence with James Brown in the sixties, and then Parliament-Funkadelic in the seventies. Bootsy’s work is credited with being a driving influential force in the whole G-Funk era behind Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. So it was time to grab the camera and Let Me Ride. (all photos Richard Budman.)
[singlepic id=753]
[singlepic id=754]
[singlepic id=755]A few different looks for Bootsy during the evening.
[singlepic id=756]
[singlepic id=747]
[singlepic id=750]Bootsy had a tight backing band on the evening.
[singlepic id=758]Also a Parliament-Funkadelic original, it was great to see that Bootsy had Bernie Worrell on his 2011 tour. Worrell’s synthesizer and keyboards backed many of the Parliament albums in the seventies.
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[singlepic id=757]When Bootsy decided to venture into the audience and greet almost EVERY SINGLE MEMBER with a hug or handshake – it made it a special concert for me. Very happy to have had on camera the 35mm f1:8 Nikon prime lenses at the time – great for low light.
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