Journey through the Toronto International Film Festival with Cadillac Festival Insider social media reporting

On behalf of Cadillac, the official vehicle of the Toronto International Film Festival, I’m thrilled to be covering all things TIFF again for another year in a unique social media reporting assignment. With my insider reporting partner Skye Collyer, in our beautiful Cadillac CTS-V coupe we’ll ride to some of the best of what TIFF has to offer – the press conferences, red carpet premieres, and parties that take over downtown Toronto.

I hope you’ll join us Festival Insiders as we ride through TIFF this year. You will have a few ways to keep up with us during TIFF:

— The blog where I post stories each day about the red carpet premieres and events we visit

Cadillac Festival Insider features the photography of George Pimentel – a TIFF renowned celebrity photography with his own unique access. Photo albums are published daily throughout the Festival on and

— I’ll tweet a lot on our popular Twitter feed at @FESTIVALinsider about all the TIFF action.

— We produce a daily series of YouTube videos hosted by my co-insider SKYE as we visit the hot spots around the Toronto International Film Festival.

— And if that wasn’t enough, I’ll somehow find the strength to get up at 7am each day during TIFF to chat with Mad Dog on 99.9 Virgin radio where I’ll dish all things TIFF.

— We’ll even giveaway a few TIFF premiere tickets, so for that reason alone, it’s worth following along.

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