PHOTOS: In beautiful Vancouver for the Auto Show at a busy BC Place Stadium

Had an amazing week on Canada’s west coast recently and was quickly reminded that Vancouver is indeed one of this country’s most beautiful cities. By the time I was flying over the famous Canadian Rockies – my anticipation for a week in Vancouver couldn’t have been greater. It wasn’t all fun and games (actually, a lot was.) I was there on some official social media business. But it had been more than a decade since I was in Van City and it was nice to catch up. (Richard Budman photos.)

I’m not really one for shooting those touristy, “capture the landmark” type of photos. But if I see enough reason to shoot a scene in the right place – I will.

The hotel room view (Bayshore Westin.)

The Vancouver International Auto Show took place over the holiday Easter weekend in the all-new BC Place Stadium. I wasn’t surprised when the Good Friday turned out to be the show’s VERY busy day but the stadium seemed caught a little off-guard as a VERY large walk-up crowd to BC Place found themselves waiting in a long line to purchase auto show admission tickets.

It was the mobile game playing app SCVNGR that brought me to Vancouver for another activation on the Chevrolet floor.

I’m really in Vancouver to shoot the new Chevrolet’s. But when you see a classic like this ’38 Chevy at the show…

My social media dream team. Was nice to get the opportunity to travel out to the west coast and continue the story. (For Chevrolet Canada YouTube host Skye Collyer and camera / editor Mike Edge.)

NOTE TO SELF: Clean the fuckin’ camera mirror.

Went up high into the seats of BC Place Stadium for some birds-eye shots of the show floor.

iPhone continues to be the most popular type of picture taking device I saw this year on the Auto Show tour.

We found ourselves frequenting the Gastown area of Vancouver often for some awesome choices in restaurants.

Walking back to the hotel one evening past these now iconic Olympic structures – the torch memories came rushing back.