BLOG: Distillery District lunch break as HRH Prince Charles comes to Toronto for 2012 tour

I do enjoy the Royal visits to Canada. It’s always a challenge trying to get the best shot you can. Sometimes you hit. Sometimes.. Not so much.

So it didn’t escape me that his HRH Prince Charles and wife Camilla was making a brief visit to Canada – including one busy day in Toronto. I would only have time to try and cover one of Charles’ appearances. Since I had no formal accreditation and would be trying, paparazzi styles, to just get close enough for a clean shot I thought the Distiillery District – with its openness would be a good bet for a photo opportunity. Besides, it was a beautiful day out and what a great place for lunch as I waited for his Highness. (All photos Richard Budman / May 22, 2012)

A beautiful summer-like day had the Distillery District busy with people anxious for a Royal glimpse.

The Royal motorcade arrives…

I was studying the security movements to get a sense on how (and from where) Prince Charles would enter the District from. When I realized he would walk the main road greeting a few Royal watchers – I had a good feeling we’d get a photo op or two!

First shot opportunity… Just missed!

I eventually found a nice spot where I had a few good seconds with Charles. I never got quite the direct look into my camera I was hoping for – but still happy we got a nice Princely smile.