TIFF’12 PHOTOS: Press conference arrivals at the Bell Lightbox

I didn’t do TIFF this year like I had in the past. Sponsors change and life moves on. Except for opening night – when I was curious what the scene for Kristen Stewart would be like – I’ve largely stayed away from shooting TIFF this year. I even got the chance to actually enjoy a couple of movies.

But I was finishing a meeting around the TIFF Lightbox yesterday and couldn’t resist checking on the action. Picked a good time – in the course of less than an hour I managed to see Billy Bob Thornton, Robert Duvall, Emile Hirsch, and Penelope Cruz who were arriving for their respected TIFF press conferences.

It was also the test of my new compact camera – the Canon G12.

Penelope Cruz Richard Budman shot7.comThe very beautiful Penelope Cruz.

Emile Hirsch Richard Budman shot7.comEmile Hirsch and a fan.

Billy Bob Thornton
Billy Bob Thornton.

Robert Duvall toronto autographs richard budman shot7.comRobert Duvall.

Robert Duvall press scrum toronto richard budman shot7.comYes, that is the scene behind the TIFF Bell Lightbox for when celebrities arrive for their press conferences. #AutographScrum.

Emile Hirsch toronto

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