Thousands of Toronto Police assemble on University ave. for Sgt. Russell funeral procession

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BLOG: To show off Windows 7 cloud interactivity, Microsoft took people Up #InTheCloud with a helicopter ride around Toronto [PHOTOS]

The Canadian Air & Space Museum provided an interesting and appropriate place to show off the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and it’s seemless integration with various Windows Live cloud-based services and office web apps Microsoft is offering. I was very interested in seeing what Windows 7 was all about. I’m actually still running Windows […]

Naked Gun star Leslie Neilsen passes at age 84

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Muhammad Ali arrives to downtown Toronto hotel on eve of appearing at David Foster fundraiser

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Emmy winner Jim Parsons of Big Bang Theory begins a busy day of Canadian press and interviews

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A spirited Robert Deniro at the 2010 TIFF press conference for STONE also starring Milla Jovovich

Leah Pinsent plants a big kiss on dad Gordon at annual Canadian Film Centre Barbecue

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Marvel comics creator STAN LEE signs autographs for big crowds at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto

BLOG: Shooting 2010 Fan Expo Canada among capacity crowds at Metro Convention Centre

If you ever wonder what type of people go to these fan conventions – where all things comic, sci-fi, & horror come together – just know there are a LOT OF THEM as tens of thousands descended upon the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto for the annual Fan Expo Canada. In fact, the show got […]