Adele Live Project – I’m posting a photo I shot each day Adele plays a show on her 2016 World Tour

#adeleproject adele richard budman shot7 photos

adeleproject richard budman photos

I consider Adele THE voice of our generation. A truly soulful talent that comes along rarely.

I bought #19 – as it didn’t take long for news to travel across the pond there was this new #MySpace discovered singer that dropped a great debut record.

I bought #21 the day it came out. I will always remember my first listen to that record and thought to myself, “did I really just hear what I think I did?” I must have listened to it ten times that day.

I bought a pair of tickets to a show that Adele announced for early 2011 – at the Sound Academy in Toronto (yes, that joint off Polson st.) But for some reason her tour got delayed and by the time she announced a new date for Toronto – May 18, 2011 (my birthday BTW.) – #21 had blown up and the concert was moved to Air Canada Centre (not full venue – about 6,000 that night I remember.)

For reasons I won’t bore you with in this post I made (what I consider today) the stupid decision to sell my tickets to friends as I just wasn’t feeling well that evening to make the trip to the ACC.

It took me about one day to forever regret that decision and said to myself, “the next time Adele tours – I’m there.”

#Hello to 5 years later and we were off to Ireland when Adele announced her 2016 World Tourwould kick off in Europe.

As I write this post – Adele is to play tonight her 7th show on a scheduled 105 date world tour (49 in Europe and 56 planned for North America.)

I was lucky to see shows #2 in Belfast and #4 in Dublin and even manage to snap a few good pics.

Will share a photo I shot each day Adele plays a show on her 2016 World Tour. (I also consider this a personal social media sharing project as I’m always intrigued to understand better how certain pieces of content can generate significant viral reach.)

// #AdeleProject

(Adele, if you ever happen to come by this post. I would love to take your photograph with my real camera in the pit or even backstage. Just give me 2 songs or 2 minutes and we’ll make social media magic happen. 🙂 I mentioned this to you in Dublin.)

Counting down till Vancouver…

adele dublin march 5 Richard Budman photos

adele project live 4 dublin ireland richard budman shot7 photos

adele live project dublin richard budman photo

adele live photos richard budman dublin

adele project live dublin richard budman photos

adele project live 2 belfast uk ireland richard budman shot7 photos

adele project live 2016 dublin spice girls london richard budman photo

adele project richard budman photos

adele live 2016 ireland dublin belfast richard budman

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