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Largest crowd ever in Woodbine Park, Toronto gathers for #SoupStock – a culinary protest to Stop The Mega-Quarry

It was the nicest weather I could remember for a Sunday in late October and it brought the largest gathering ever in Woodbine Park, Toronto – over 40,000 people for #SoupStock – a one-day culinary celebration that featured tasty soups from more than 200 of Canada’s top chefs. Everybody had the same purpose in mind […]

Dear Fido (Rogers), if you deem mobile data so valuable to charge me $30/GB when I’m over my monthly limit – why don’t you credit me when I’m under?

This post is costing me a lot of money to write (I’ve used up my monthly data limit so every character I type has an additional cost to me now.) But it’s something I need to get off my chest and try to understand so I’m willing to spend the cash. I’m an iPhone guy. […]