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BLOG: Big crowds take to Queen’s Park with a provocative message in first ever SlutWalk Toronto (Mom, don’t read.)

When there is a demonstration going off on a spring-like Sunday afternoon in Toronto, called #slutwalk – it’s hard not to think a few interesting photo opportunities might present themselves (all photos Richard Budman.) The demonstration turned out bigger than expected as maybe thousands turned out to Queen’s Park, then marched a short distance to…
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BLOG: Walking home from the office, stumbled into an interesting Toronto Police scene on St. Nicholas st. (just north of Wellesley at Yonge.)

[singlepic id=628 w=630 h=445] A St. Paddy’s Day walk home after leaving the office had me stumble into an interesting scene unfolding on St. Nicholas st. around 7pm (it’s the small alley / street that’s just west of Yonge and north of Wellesley.) After a usual Rabba grocery stop, I headed north up St. Nicholas…
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Sarah McLachlan opens the annual Canadian Music & Broadcast Industry Awards at the Royal York Hotel

[singlepic id=603 w=630 h=445]RELATED: Ensuring a good spot to shoot Sarah

BLOG: Shooting the PEOPLE of the 2011 Toronto Auto Show for Chevrolet Canada social media

One thing I greatly appreciate in my role shooting photos and producing video for Chevrolet Canada social media is that it’s not just about capturing the excitement of the cars – it’s also about the people. I just wrapped spending a couple of weeks in the Chevrolet area of the 2011 Canadian International Auto Show…
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The Artist Project opening night preview in Queen Elizabeth Building at Toronto’s Exhibition Place

[singlepic id=585 w=630 h=432]RELATED: LivSavvy: 3rd annual The Artist Project Opening Night Party

BLOG: Playing my own game of Terminator in Toronto – getting a good shot of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the two hours I got

While my increasing social media responsibilities don’t allow me the time on the streets shootin’ I once fooled with, there was no way I could ignore icon Arnold Schwarzenegger making a post-Governorship speaking stop in Toronto. I was there for The Governator’s previous Toronto stop in 2007, but I was shooting video for a tv…
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BLOG: When my Twitter stream tells of BIG fire on Yonge st. – the early morning run includes me packing the camera

I had gotten up early, a little before six a.m. Didn’t want to be up that early, but since I was, figured I’d go for a run. Powered up the iPhone and after a quick check of my Twitter stream, saw some disturbing tweets about a big fire raging at the old “Salad King” building.…
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Six-alarm fire at Salad King building on Gould shuts down Yonge st. and causes Ryerson University to cancel all classes

[singlepic id=563 w=594 h=432]RELATED: Six-alarm fire rages at Yonge and Gould streets.

BLOG: My favorite photo moments shooting around Toronto in 2010

If the holiday season is good for anything – it’s a good time to look back on the year and reflect. And if your somebody that likes to take news pictures around the city of Toronto – 2010 certainly provided a wealth of interesting photo opportunities (I would normally link here to the team of…
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Toronto Photo Story of the Year: G20 Protests and Police actions

[singlepic id=413 w=630 h=445]RELATED: Favorite photo moments of the year

Naked Gun star Leslie Neilsen passes at age 84

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Muhammad Ali arrives to downtown Toronto hotel on eve of appearing at David Foster fundraiser

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BLOG: On Scene for Chevy to tweet and photograph all things Chevrolet Cruze as General Motors launches a new car in Canada

October was a big month in Canada for General Motors as they readied for the launch of a new automobile – the Chevrolet Cruze. In my role as a Chevrolet On Scene insider – I was happy to provide some social media and photography help in two separate but very unique events who’s purpose was…
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BLOG: Hooked up a 40″ big screen internet connected LCD TV in my living room – an amazing way to mix my social media work and entertainment

Finally tackled a home improvement project this weekend I’ve been thinking about a while. And now, a couple of days into using my new internet connected big-screen TV from the couch of my living room area – I can clearly see it’s a game changer for me and my work. Pretty sure if your reading…
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