BLOG: I bought a bike! New life begins NOW..

May 11, 2014 By  Leave a Comment

I moved at the end of 2013 to the Queen east area of Toronto after condo construction noise ruined living at Bay and Wellesley. Loving the new area except for one thing – I found getting on a TTC streetcar for work in rush hour was pure hell. The transit system simply can’t move the amount of people that need to get from the east end into the downtown core each day. I was using Car2go a lot. For an average of $5 a trip to get to work it’s good value – especially on a freezing cold morning.

But it was time to rethink how I get myself around. It was time to get a bike.

It had been around 20 years since I last owned a bike. I have to admit to being overwhelmed when first walking into a bike store last month. There was so much to decide on (and a lot of money to be spent.) After speaking to some great bike shop staff and doing lots of research online – we settled on this Norco Indie (it helped to have a work connection at Norco who gave me a great deal.)

Besides using the bike to get to and from work. I think me and my bike should get up to some interesting times together. I’m already learning how to take apart and reassemble my bike so I could travel with it one day. Also love how technology plays a roll in this and will be tracking all my rides here.

On my first weekend of riding I discovered the trail in Tommy Thompson Park. What a great place to ride. But have to say the “Brake For Snakes” sign surprised me. I hate snakes.

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