#InsideTheCFL – a lesson in smart #hashtag integration at events

October 3, 2014 by 

I got the pleasure of attending the #InsideTheCFL event held on October 2nd at Andrew Richards Designs. The event was a text book example on how to properly integrate a #hashtag and ensure the event’s reach extended far beyond the few hundred people in attendance.

There was a time – just a few short years ago that events like this were planned and executed to just touch the people in the room. With the rise of social media – event planners now want to get people in the room to use their mobiles to amplify and extend the reach of the event to a much broader audience online.

The CFL ensured the #InsideTheCFL hashtag was displayed everywhere (even in the bathroom) and had multiple tweet walls displaying the feed in real-time. Since the hashtag managed to get more than 1,500 mentions on the day of the event – it certainly seemed successful.

(all photos my iPhone 5s.)

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