BLOG: My favorite photos I shot during 2012

At this time of the year, I like to look back on the year that was in my image-making. It’s important to me that each year I grow and learn as a photographer. Always striving for the best shot.

I got to visit some interesting places during 2012 and looking back, I am genuinely happy with a few shots I got (among the many thousands of shutter clicks I endured.)

This year was certainly my best year of editorial photography so far (I got my first DSLR camera in 2009.) Soon, we’ll be off to try and top it all in 2013.

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite shots of the year. (All photos Richard Budman)

The year started out in Edmonton for me shooting the World Junior Hockey Championship. While I got lots of shots of hockey action. My two favorite photos occurred because I hustled myself into interesting shooting spots in Rexall Arena. Including one photo high up in the sky (I later got in a bit of trouble from shooting from the press box – which I didn’t realize was a no-go for photographers.)
during March. The Sheep Dogs were there to pick up a slew of awards – I noticed they were just having some fun around their backstage table and got this shot. Superstar producer (U2, Peter Gabriel’s, “So”) Daniel Lanois was also being honored and performed – a true master on the guitar.

I was in Vancouver in early April for the Auto Show. It was my first time here in nearly a decade so I spent one early evening just walking around the city. Was taken by this skateboarding dude doing his thing just outside of the Art Gallery.

At Canadian Tire Motorsport Park during June to shoot the Pirelli World Challenge. Got some great shots of cars and other stuff – but when the rains fell on race day, this photo of the Pirelli World Challenge girls became my favorite.

BMO Field in Toronto during June for the Canadian Men’s National Soccer Team’s attempt to qualify for the World Cup. The team would sadly fall short in qualifying later in the year. But I discovered the press box at BMO Field offers an interesting view of Toronto.

HRH Prince Charles made a visit to Toronto during 2012. I like this photo because I had about 20 minutes during lunch to get my ass to the Distillery District and get what I could.

I got to work on a real interesting video series this year that had me meet some great Canadian athletes. This is swimmer Benoit Huot at the Olympic Pool in Montreal for preparation of the 2012 Paralympic Summer Games.

The Calgary Stampede is one of my favorite shooting assignments. And this year was a big one as it was the Stampede’s 100th anniversary. From the Chuckwagon races to capturing the reaction of a lady who just won a brand new GMC truck – it was a great couple weeks out reporting out in Calgary.

Photographers don’t usually get to shoot from this angle at the Stampede – from behind the rodeo chutes.

Canadian born tennis player Milos Raonic had a big year during 2012. He’s now the highest ranking ATP tennis player Canada has ever had. During one of his opening matches during the Rogers Cup in Toronto this year – I made sure to get down close when he exited the court after a win. I asked for a look at my camera. Milos gave it to me.

For the first time in a quite a few years I didn’t work TIFF in any official capacity. While I missed the access – it was actually good to have the time off. And with no pressure to shoot, blog, or tweet anything – I actually got to enjoy the film festival. But I couldn’t resist going out to shoot the beautiful Kristen Stewart on opening night.

It was the largest crowd ever in Woodbine Park, Toronto for #SoupStock – a culinary protest to Stop The Mega-Quarry (it ended up working as the Mega-Quarry was called off.) I enjoyed shooting headline performer Blue Rodeo’s Jim Cuddy from an angle I don’t usually get to – right from the side of the stage.

Was in Salt Lake City, Utah for the Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team just prior to the London Olympic Games. I like this shot of a very focused Diana Matheson – who would end up scoring a very big goal in London.

One of the sports stories of the year in Canada. What the Canadian Women’s National Soccer team accomplished during 2012 won’t soon be forgotten. Led by Lou March Award winner Christine Sinclair – it was very cool to get to know and photograph this team on behalf of Chevrolet Canada before and after their Olympic triumphs.

At the Olympic Heroes parade in late September in Toronto fans overwhelm Summer Mortimer the Canadian swimmer who won four medals (two gold, one silver, and one bronze) at her first Paralympic Games. Also caught Toronto Mayer Rob Ford greeting the Olympians. (Won’t even begin to comment on the type of year Mayor Ford had.)

Elton John signing my friend’s guitar after an appearance at Holt Renfrew.

Couldn’t resist shooting the Grey Cup parade during November – especially when I found out that fans would be allowed to carry the Cup up Yonge st. The 100th Grey Cup certainly brought a lot of colourful characters to the city.