PHOTOS: Silverado media launch high up the mountains of Newfoundland

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Spent a couple of days at one of the easternmost places of North America – the island of Newfoundland. Was there to shoot the media launch of the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado truck for General Motors of Canada. I hadn’t been this far out east before and while I do love my province of Ontario – was reminded again it’s just too damn flat here. Gotta love those mountains!

The short trip went great (well, except for these little bastards) and despite only overcast skies (would have preferred a little blue) we did get some good shots. Was also interesting to be #OffTheGrid as both my mobiles went pretty much dead as Rogers coverage didn’t quite make it out here.

We drove hundreds of kilometres up and down mountains in our Silverado (and yes, this song did enter my head a few times.)

I still haven’t figured out exactly what this thing did.

Trout River.

We stayed in Norris Point for the night (and how could I NOT love it being labeled a Photographers Paradise.) And again, my new shoes proved to be the best thing I’ve added to my photography kit in years.

Our official welcome sign. #SmallTownClassy

We would occasionally run into some slowpokes on what was a generally empty highway (but how can you not appreciate a vehicle with fishing poles mounted on the back.)

I’m really not a big landscape shooter (I tend to prefer capturing people and things that actually move.) But high up in the mountains of Gros Morne National Park it’s hard to not fire off a few shots.

Driving back to Deer Lake Airport – couldn’t help but stop for a shot of this place. Moose is a big delicacy on the menu around here.

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