PHOTOS: Canada soccer star Christine Sinclair – 2012 Lou Marsh Award winner for Canadian top Athlete Of The Year

December 10, 2012 By  Leave a Comment

I was thrilled to hear Canadian soccer star Christine Sinclair won the coveted 2012 Lou Marsh Award that recognizes the top Athlete of the Year in Canada. Sinclair captained the Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team to a Bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Sinclair’s play during the Games will be heralded for decades as one of the finest performances ever for a Canadian Olympian (and I do mean in ANY sport.)

Sinclair and the Canadian Women’s National Team was certainly my favorite sports story of the year. I had the pleasure to meet and shoot Christine on a few occasions during the year. Working on a project on behalf of Chevrolet Canada – it took me as far south as Salt Lake City as the team was in deep preparation for the London games. I remember mentioning to a friend, “Yeah, I’m down in Utah with the Women’s National team interviewing Christine Sinclair.” My friend was like, “Who?”

Few in Canada should be wondering today who Christine Sinclair is now. (All photos Richard Budman)Shooting an intense Olympic Games training session at the University Of Utah during late June 2012.