PHOTOS: Colleagues

June 22, 2013 By  Leave a Comment

One of the busiest shooting weeks I’ve had in a while finally ended. It started out on the western coast of Canada as Chevrolet’s Safe & Fun hockey festival took me to Richmond, BC. It quickly followed up with three straight days out in Bowmanville, Ontario’s Canadian Tire Motorsports Park

So, no question we’re feeling a little tired today. I’d probably be feeling even worse except for the new kicks I was smart enough to buy recently to help with the shoots (yes, there was lots of walking and hiking this week.)

The week wouldn’t have gone so well without the awesome people I’m fortunate to work with. Managing and ensuring sponsored events go off without a hitch and give attendees the experience we want them to have is no easy feat.

So here’s a few photos (some the subjects might hate :) ) of the peoples I get to work closely with and together, we’re trying to do a few cool things.

  • Ryan and Chevrolet hockey ambassador Cassie Campbell Pascall.
  • Keaton
  • Ryan W. finishing up a hot lap in the Cadillac CTS-V
  • Peter
  • Andrew, Keaton, and Ian.
  • Peter, Paul, and Mike.
  • “Racing Girl” Kasia
  • Mike “Hairnet” Shearer

Dave “The Model” McQuaid

  • Chris.
  • Trice.