PHOTOS: Shooting Team Canada at the Women’s World Hockey Championship in Ottawa

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I was in Ottawa, Ontario in early April for the 2013 Women’s World Hockey Championship. Was there to shoot on behalf of Chevrolet Canada who is a proud sponsor of Team Canada. It was a great tournament and here I’ll admit to enjoying women’s hockey far more than I thought I would. Simply put – these girls can play the game damn well! The women skate hard and fast and while there is no body checking allowed – it can get chippy. And if you don’t think the women can match up with the men – some of the players actually star for a men’s team when not playing for Team Canada. (All Photos Richard Budman – well, except for one.)

I shot most of the hockey action with a 70-200mm lens. Only had an ice-level shooting spot for a few minutes each game so was hoping I would get some decent action around the Chevrolet board ad (and was lucky, I did.)

The first game I was in the arena for was actually U.S.A vs. Finland. I knew Amanda Kessel (sister of the Maple Leaf’s Phil Kessel) was a rising star for the U.S. So I made sure to grab a few good shots of her. Little did I know she would end up the star of the tournament and put a dagger through the heart of Team Canada in the Gold Medal game.

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