PRESS: Herald Sun Australia “Adele fan on the hunt for ‘true fan’ to gift his ticket after injury cancels his Sydney trip”

When ADELE announced she would continue her #25 tour in Australia during 2017 – I thought what better way to end my #ADELEproject. The thought of biking Sydney to Melbourne excited the hell out of me. Sadly, this trip was not to be.

But I had one problem to solve – I was sitting on a paper ticket to Adele’s Sydney show and it would break my heart to not have someone enjoy the seat on what would be an epic night when Adele would play to more than 90,000 fans.

Thankfully, through some carefully tagged social posts – Kathy McCabe of the Herald Sun picked up my cause.

“IF you love Adele and missed out on a ticket, Canadian superfan Richard Budman could make your day.

The Toronto photographer was heading to Sydney for Friday night’s concert but a freak accident resulting in broken toes has prevented him from making the trip this week.

Now Budman wants the ticket to go to a “true fan” for free.

“I’m an old school guy that still loves a paper ticket to collect. When I realised I won’t be able to sell my ticket to the Sydney show because I would not have time to ship it across the world, I then just wanted to make sure a fan enjoys it,” he said.

“I know what a powerful experience an Adele show is.”

As for his definition of a “true fan”, Budman said it was difficult to pin down but he would go by gut instinct.

“Who can really define the perfect Adele fan? Isn’t that what is incredible about her popularity that it reaches across all generations,” he said.

“It still hurts a little not to make this trip but I’m happy to work towards getting someone in that seat!”

Budman has travelled the world to see Adele perform, witnessing concerts in Belfast, Dublin, New York and Vancouver as well as his hometown of Toronto.”


My photo from ADELE’S 4th show on the #25 tour in Dublin, Ireland appeared in the March 7th, 2017 Herald Sun story.