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BLOG: 2009 Golden Globe Award Nominees shot7.com PHOTO PACK available for download

December 17, 2009 by Richard Budman · Leave a Comment

A fair amount of the recently announced nominees for the 2010 Golden Globe Awards made their way through Toronto at one time or another during the year. Nominated films to make premieres at this year’s Toronto Film Festival included Precious, The Informant!, A Single Man, and Up In The Air.

If your writing, blogging, or just care to enjoy some photos of the nominees – download the shot7.com Golden Globe nominee photo pack. Includes George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick, Jason Reitman, Matt Damon, Penelope Cruz, Christopher Plummer, Morgan Freeman, Carey Mulligan, Juliane Moore, Colin Firth, and Woody Harrelson. 22 photos in the pack!