Dan & Peter Aykroyd appear at Indigo Books, Toronto for A History of Ghosts & Ghostbusters

Posted by Richard Budman on Sunday, October 18, 2009, · 1 Comment

I have to admit when I asked Dan Aykroyd about the status of Ghostbusters 3 at a recent event to launch his fathers new book – I did not know that Bill Murray was asked the same question just the previous night in London.

But the two actors commenting on Ghostbusters last week made for a good story and shot7.com is grateful to the many blogs and movie news sites that picked up on our video and Aykroyd photos – Reel Loop, ScreenRantCinemaBlend and more. It was especially cool to see our favorite movie news site of them all – The Playlist, pick up on the GB3 story (and use a shot7 photo!)

Photo notes:

I purposely arrived early at the Aykroyd book event because I wanted a good choice of seat and where I would shoot the duo from. I have long discovered when shooting families or brothers, rarely is the straight-on shot the best one (often too much distance between the subjects, I wanted to ensure I could bring the Aykroyds visually close together in the frame.) For the Dan and Peter, I wanted to shoot them from a 45 to 60-degree angle from a dead-on centre spot. The way the stage was set up, their natural-looking position for most of their interview would not be towards my camera, but I figured over the course of a 30-minute talk they would have to be a few times they would look over in my direction, and then I would have the look AND angle I wanted.