Largest crowd ever in Woodbine Park, Toronto gathers for #SoupStock – a culinary protest to Stop The Mega-Quarry

It was the nicest weather I could remember for a Sunday in late October and it brought the largest gathering ever in Woodbine Park, Toronto – over 40,000 people for #SoupStock – a one-day culinary celebration that featured tasty soups from more than 200 of Canada’s top chefs.

Everybody had the same purpose in mind – to stop the Mega-Quarry.

A little background. In 2006, The Baupost Group – a multi-billion dollar Boston hedge fund (and big supporters of presidential nominee Mitt Romney) created the Canadian shell corporation, The Highland Companies and started purchasing swaths of prime farmland in Melancthon Township just northwest of Toronto.

At first, The Highland Companies said it was purchasing the farmland under the guise of wanting to become the largest potato producer in Ontario. But a few years later its real motives became clear – to excavate the land and create the largest limestone quarry in Canadian history.

This Mega-Quarry will have a devastating effect on the surrounding farmland. Even worse, the creation of the quarry would cause a massive drain of our fresh water daily.

So, thousands gathered in Woodbine Park on a beautiful Sunday afternoon with the same thought in mind – to protect Ontario’s prime farmland and sources of drinking water from aggregate extraction by a faceless American corporation.

YOU can help too. Contact your local MPP and let the politicians know Ontario’s prime farmland and vital water resources are not to be fucked with.

The largest crowd EVER gathered in Woodbine Park, Toronto.

So many delicious soups were there. Besides this awesome sweet potato coconut – I also sampled a great French onion and minestrone.
You can’t be labelled a “stock” without some tie-dye.

The Jim Cuddy Band (Blue Rodeo) was there to close out a great afternoon of music.

Celebrated Toronto chef Susur Lee was at #SoupStock with an awesome sweet & sour soup creation.

CBC’s George Stroumboulopoulos was there to provide MC duties for the day.

Yup, this little guy is pissed at the Mega-Quarry too.With over 40,000 people in a park sampling soups you would have thought there would have been a ton of garbage – but there wasn’t. Everybody was encouraged to bring their own bowl and spoon and quite frankly, I don’t know why we don’t do more of this in everyday life. I’m a dude that constantly buys prepared meals from grocery stores like Longos and Loblaws and quite frankly – am often horrified at the amount of plastic packaging I’m forced to take (I do reuse most of it.) It’s time stores like these adopt a similar mindset and reward customers that don’t need to use its wasteful packaging.